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Meet the 21 Tequila Squad

Fellow tequila enthusiasts, agave spirit fanatics, purveyors of fine alcohol, curious minds, or the guy who just typed in the wrong Google search and ended up here—Bienvenidos!

We’d like to introduce ourselves. As you may have seen or heard already, we’re a brand derived from family. From the two brothers running this thing (plus one random girl picked up on the street) to a fourth generation family run agave farm, we’re invested and passionate every step of the way.

And because we’re family, we think a little differently than most brands out there. It makes it easy to stick to our personal brand, because we are the brand, the brand is us. It’s what we believe, what we love. And it makes it so we’re not afraid to stray from norms (I mean, have you seen the bottle?? Have you tasted this stuff???). From the first bottle produced to eating local street vendor tacos in Guadalajara with distillery friends at 4am (delicious), it’s definitely been a lot of fun.

So without further ado, meet the squad:

Brandon. Our founder. The guy who got a mechanical engineering degree, then got the crazy idea in his head that he should leave the engineering field and jump into the world of high quality tequila. All because he just wanted to deliver some damn good tequila to the people. Classic.

Trevor. That’s me. I’m Trevor. Brother of Brandon. I basically drink, eat, sleep, breath 21 Tequila, dipping my hands into all aspects on the front lines and behind the scenes. I try to keep all situations light and have a good time. What’s life without a good sense of humor, right??

Jessie. The rando off the street I was telling you about (just kidding. She’s been with us since day 1 and while not related by blood, she might as well be). She’s the master behind the look of 21. A creative mind with equally creative dance moves (although they’re not very good) – a match made in heaven for us at 21.

We’re so excited you’re taking the time to learn more about us and what we’re putting our lives into. Thank you for your support so far. If you ever see us at the bar, be sure to say hey. We’ll buy you a drink.

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